Custom Remapping

Turbo Diesels

Power = Up to 30% increase in BHP, Torque and increase in mpg on motorway cruising.

These power gains are made by optimising the fueling, timing and boost throughout the entire range to achieve the maximum safe power achievable from the engine and its components.

There are generally large gains in low down torque which is held for as long as possible throught the rev range.

Eco = Up to 20% increase in BHP, Torque and increase in MPG. Economy = Up to 15% increase in BHP, Torque and 5-20% increase in MPG. (% Outcome depends on vehicle, load, road type and driver type)

Eco remaps usually achieve their gains by focusing on the low down to mid range torque this is achieved by optimising fueling, boost and timing. The timing is usually modified a few degrees in the off boost areas along with a increase in rail pressure on common rail vehicles to help achieve a cleaner faster burn.

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